This trend occurred before the virus even forced us to stay at home. It is about the yearning to retreat into the void - the silence and security of our homes where we can recharge our batteries. Where we are able to feel and listen to ourselves and reflect on our needs and wishes. It is a return to ourselves.

And now after the first lockdown people say: "I don't want to throw myself into the outside world just yet. I have begun to enjoy time, with myself, with my family.I have enjoyed calming down and resting", or "I have become much more selective about who and with what I want to spend my time with."

This much needed break made us aware of one thing.

We realised that the big and stressful world out there was very hard on our ourselves. We came from an autopilot-system where we didn´t take the time to connect to ourselves and the things and people around us.

As a consequence, many people are more and more interested in doing things from home, or at least in smaller vanues.

This will bring about a lot of changes in the coming years. The obvious ones are working from home and home-schooling, but I feel it will also change us in other areas such as fashion, food and entertainment.

New forms of home shopping and home catering will emerge,also home entertainment with small concerts and small talk events.

And instead of keeping social distance, we will connect with each other on an even deeper level than before. Because at last there is space and time to talk to the artist, the cook, the author, the designer and to discuss the products and creations with them.

This will pave the way for a new kind of community, because a society in which we connect with shopkeepers, artists and the people who produce our food is a society that is no longer on the consumer-autopilot, but part of a living society with many warm connections and conscious choices.

It has already started: There are the first private home shopping skype conferences happening, the first events where cooks come home, musicians booked for a small audience and small private discussion tables.

The great thing is that this will strengthen the communities and diversity of small businesses and gradually take us away from the cult of big musicians, designers, chefs, businesses. This trend creates small vibrant, happy and wealthy societies where everyone is validated.

If you want to know more about Trend, please book a session with me. You can find more information here.

If you want to know more about trends, please book a session with me. You can find more information here.