Trend Energy Reading

Creative consulting for your business:


A creative intuitive session to co-create your projects and to find new solutions and perspectives.

It is a combination of:
- intuitive messages

- channeled wisdom
- and a Trendcard energy reading for your project


held English or German and

Essence of Trends Consulting

Single Session 1,5 hours + one hours before and after preparation

75 Euro (+ Mwst 15 Eur)
Veronika Engelmann, Director and Scout at FoxDevil Films
"It is great fun to get an intuitive access to business decisions with this spiritual tool.
Through Tanja's interpretation of the cards, you can find ideas and possible solutions that you would not achieve through pure thinking."
"I had the wonderful chance to get a trend consulting for my new website. Working with the unseen world as well, I just knew Tanja was the perfect match for it. 
The result though was far beyond expectations. Tanja was guided from the beginning, and the tarot cards surprised both of us. 
Wise and wild in the most beautiful way. We both had goosebumps several times during the session, and its magic is still unfolding in the process of my website. 
I highly recommend a session with Tanja, she is a pure divine channel.“
Alexandra Verena Strüven, Freudenfeuer-Souldance, Author