Tanja: Dear Diana, welcome back. To be honest, I am a little nervous about this interview.

Diana: Oh dear, don't worry. We are doing great. Let's get started, shall we?

Tanja: Yes! I have just seen your story in the fictional series The Crown. Why are you back, Diana? Why now?

Diana: It is time to look at my story from a different perspective. My energy needs to be seen from a new viewpoint and with a new consciousness.

Tanja: Please, could you explain this new perspective to me?

Diana: It is time to see myself as a whole. It's time to see myself without a mask. To see me as I was and am. And even though the series the Crown is a lot of fiction, it is a very true reflection of my energy and my story. I love the fact that the portrait you have painted is a mixture of me and my character in the series played by the wonderful Emma Corrin. It represents what it is all about. It is fiction, but it is not, and it is very personal, but not because it goes much deeper, because it is a collective recognition and acknowledgement of where we stand as a whole.

T: Wow! Can you explain the mask a little bit further?

D: I was this beautiful fairytale princess that everyone admired. Everyone felt my big heart, my love for people, my light. What you did not see is how sensitive I really was. And as a sensitive and very soft person, I suffered a lot in this world because of the hard conditions.

T: What do you understand by a soft person?

D: For this I have to explain my energy as a soul. I came into this world with a strong feminine energy. This means that I am very intuitive, sensitive, creative and caring.

This energy has often been misjudged, made small, made invisible, causing much suffering and pain not only in me but in the world, especially for women. My gentleness has been seen as a weakness in the eyes of many like the royal family.

Instead of being faithful to myself, I slipped into the role of a vicitimised leader, that is, a person who fights against the outside world in order to get into her rightful place. But this always comes from a place of brokenness and pain and never leads to salvation. It leads to a great loss of one's own life energy. For me this has been shown in sythoms like bulimia. Bulemia is basically a war against ourselves.

T: What role did Prince Charles play in it?

D: He is a strong embodiment of male energy and as such played the role of the victimised male leader. In the series, his mask is also revealed, so that we can see his brokenness.

We both fought an ancient game of survival and suffering.

T: What can we learn from it?

D: To see our own reflection in others. Acknowledging our own brokenness is a big step. If we accept ourselves, we heal and become whole again, and we can finally become leaders of a healthy divine feminine and divine masculine energy and live as an example for others to do the same.

T: When I looked the Crown, I was so stunned by your strong feminine energy, and I was so angry that the royal family did not give you the recognition you deserve as Princess of Hearts. How do you explain that you had such a hard time with them?

D: First of all you should not forget what I said earlier. And I say very clearly that I was at war with them too. And I take full responsibility for my suffering. You can never expect recognition and peace from your enemy if you are not able to raise the peace flag yourself. Moreover, we must not condemn them for their brokenness, because by doing so we are condemning ourselves. In so many areas of our lives, we cannot get out of our own skin of stiffness when we encounter joy and vitality because we are so conditioned to stay in our lane.

T: So if you were at war, why do you sit here in your weddingdress ready to marry Charles again?

D: The wedding dress is a symbol of the marriage of the divine female energy to the divine male energy. It is a renewal of companionship in respect and true admiration for one another. No more brokenness, no more war. And because we have both sides in all of us, it also means that the inner war is also coming to an end. As a result, we will finally enter a new chapter of Planet Earth.

T: Since I am studying trends, I have the following question: How will this show up as a trend and support us in the healing process of the collective?

D: It means for the future of the collective that we will find a new middle ground in many areas. The trend itself will manifest in many forms. One colour that supports this is violet, as it combines red (the female energy) and blue (the male energy).

We will also experience the combination of science and creativity, of intuition and action. Many areas that seem to have found no middle ground will gradually come together and work out amazing solutions for our common future. This happens in people themselves or in groups of people. So very scientifically oriented people will discover and use their intuition in their work and vice versa.

Many will find in themselves a strong female voice that they want to express.

Oh, and my style of dress will continue as a trend - I am very happy with that!

T: How will your style assit in this change?

D: My style was very feminine and playful, and the collective needs that right now to feel strong in its softness. Clothing is so powerful and supports you to be brave and stay in your character even if the war is raging outside.

T:Do you want to say with it that clothing has the power to bring peace?

D: No, but it can most certainly support your inner growth to become peaceful from within.

T: Is there anything you would like to contribute to this interview?

D: Yes, enjoy your life, you all deserve it.

With so much love and gratitude to you all,

your Queen of Hearts.

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