Drama School

Triggered by polarities, which are expressed in extreme opionions and actions we find ourselves in the middle of a major trend, which is called Drama School.

We are moving towards a society in which people see the opinions of others as options to choose from and learn from, rather than as a dogma they are obliged to follow.

To get there, the period of drama school is essential. It is a fearful and chaotic time in which other opinions and actions are judged. A time when people lose their credibility, or jobs and are excluded from society, furthermore our youth is judged because they joyfully live life and seemingly do not care about others.

We as a society now have the opportunity to look into a mirror to reflect and understand our deepest wounds and fears.

Society already entered a similar cycle in the Bedermeier period. The Biedermeier period was characterized by a retreat into the safety and security of home, in response to severe restrictions. Political and social commentary was censorsed.

We are again in a time where people are forced to stay at home because the outside world no longer feels safe. The collective is afraid of a virus, and more and more opinions on how to deal with this siuation are being censored. And it is again like in Biedermeier, our youth that keeps the spirit alive and helps us to face our fears through their joy of life and there will to express themselves in a playful way.

It is no coincidence that exactly 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the very places where the Wall passed through and our young people enjoy celebrating extensively are declared risk areas. They choose freedom and the collective does not approve.

It is again a collective process that can be lived through. Fears may be looked at again. What does freedom really mean? what is the consequence and responsibility of your own personal freedom?

I don't think that we have understood this yet, because even 30 years after the fall of the wall we are not celebrating with pride our people that have liberated themself peacefully, because it always swings in: "Did they take something of our own safety (back then it was money, today it is health) for the sake of freedom?" It is still the same question: Safety or freedom?

I have the feeling that if we look at this situation from a distance, we will be thankful for the hungry for life youth and yet again peaceful crowd. Because they are the ones who offer us the space to face our fears and ask questions about ourselfes. They are actually the one who are holding space for society while the polartities are growing and the collective is in DRAMA SCHOOL

So what is DRAMA SCHOOL?

In Drama School the collective is learning to handle Drama in a peacful way.

It is learning period of introspection. The we as the collective begin to confront our feelings and fears. And express them in discussions on different plattforms, because it is just to overwhelming to keep it to ourselves.

It is a time when we train to express ourselves. In which we very often fall on our knees, because one day we have the feeling that our opinion is right and the other day we realize that it is wrong. It is a time when people make many mistakes, angry and desperate decide to be a victim and make others the scapegoat. It is a chaotic training field, but it is worth it. Because in the end we will face ourselves. When nothing is certain and every opinion out there is questioned there is no other choice than to go inward, to check in with our own gut feeling - our intuition.

Through this training each individual will gain self-confidence and self-esteem on their individual opinions. People who value their own feelings and opinions manage to accumulate self-worth by practicing speaking their truth.

A person with self-worth does not need authority to decide for himself/herself what is right and what is wrong, nor does he/she need to outshine other people to get more righteous.

This is the time when he/she has nothing to prove and is ready to listen others. At this point society will finally see opinions as options from which they can freely choose.

How is this trend manifesting?

At some point in this process the media,social media, influencer,new leaders, press and public figures will include more feelings in discussions and will approach problems such as climate change, racism and racialism not so dramatically, but constructively. There is almost a gratitude to these problems, because they are now visible, so that we can finally deal with them and solve them with a peaceful and joyful, solution-oriented approach.

So, if you work in a media field, this is an excellent time to be a moderator for this drama-free discussion.You can help to show a whole picture constructively by leaving room for different opinions, showing feelings and science and letting inventors and solution providers have their say, even if they are still on the fringes of society. It is also a time to make clear that the reader, listener and consumer has the responsibility to decide for himself/herself what he/she thinks is true.

It will also change the way we deal with different issues and problems in our society, everyone will be involved in this conversation, even children, young people and the elderly. Everyone is equally important. This trend will lead to a society based on diversity and not on the truth of a few.

*In addition to this text, I would like to point out that I do not believe that the Virus does not exist, nor would I ignore the pain it causes to some in society.




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