Let us name it for what it is.

The further we move into this trend of reflection, the more important it becomes to be very precise and name everything for what it is.

First of all, it is important to know that fear equals fear and love equals love. It can never be fear equal love. Why is this so important? Basically, it's very simple. It is so important because where there is fear, there is no love.

Over a long period of time in environmental activism, spirituality and feminism, I've seen people get into fear and sugar coat it as love.

I went through that too because I was active all these groups. I have to say that it was very important for me, as it is for many. It has helped me to recognise and trigger up my anger, my pain and behind that my fear.

But there has to come a point where we take a step back and recognise the fear and trauma behind it to heal for good, otherwise we loop around in it forever. This looping around is a dangerous trap. It happens so easily because we will always find someone on the outside to trigger our trauma.

Spirit gave me this image from the Ladybird series where the bad guy puts anger into a person and they go crazy until the anger is released and they can see clearly again.

The energy is rising and time is speeding up, for those who have already been able to let go of that anger and fear. It is very important that you are now an example in this world. It is very important that you start speaking and naming very clearly what you see or feel. When you see love name it love, when you see fear name it fear.

It's very funny that it almost feels like an exaggeration, but in the end it's just naming what it is. You are not doing anyone a favour if you just oversmile that fear and go your way.

How can we deal with the reason for all this division, anger and discomfort if we don't name it for what it is?

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