Reconnection with Mother Earth, through gardening, forest bathing, etc. is becoming a big trend.

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

The reason why this trend can be observed is that we as a collective have decided to see clearly again. It is time to stand in our own wisdom and power.

We as a society are evolving from independence and survival mode, to a society with sovereign beings, which are acting from their own truth.

To get there, it is very important to move from a reactive state to a state of reflection and observation before we act. Mother Earth - nature and the reconnection to her helps us to do this. Therefore we are consciously or unconsciously reconnecting to her.

We are often distracted and separated from our inner wisdom and our inner voice because we are distracted by external conflicts that we try to solve in order to survive in this world. We have been conditioned since childhood to the need to prove that we are right, in order to be at the top of our game and to make it in this world. Furthermore the rightness we had to prove was never based on our own wisdom, but dictated and based on the knowledge of external authorities. We have never learned to trust our inner knowing - our intuition.

When we go out into nature, we learn to listen again.

We reconnect with our inner voice and we remember on a soul level that we have never been separated from nature, that we are a part of it. In nature we can watch seeds grow slowly, observe life cycles, experience the changes of the seasons, all these processes connect us on a much deeper level than our mind can comprehend. We begin to remember our own wisdom and we begin to trust this inner voice again.

A person who is able to trust and cultivate his/her inner wisdom learns very quickly that emotions and feelings are not the same. He/she does understand to react immediately to emotions, which often come from inner wounds is creating even more conflicts within and without. He/she understands that it is wise to become an observer and reflect on the emotions before making further decisions. We relearn to act based on our feelings - our inner knowing and not our wounds.

When we begin to trust our inner voice, we become self-confident and sovereign on our path. This is the moment when we no longer have to go into external conflict to survive. We no longer have to prove anything. And we don´t need to judge the paths of others, because we understand that everyones path is unique and equal important. This is the moment when we see clearly. Where we see clearly what has really been going on in the outside world all this time. We let ourselves be distracted and we let it happen.

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