My Body Consciousness on Health

Even as a small child you learn to ignore the needs of your own body. You do not want to go to kindergarten? But you must! You do not want to eat now? But you must! You do not want to sleep? But you must! People are born with a natural contact to the body, but will unlearn it over the years.

Have you recently asked your body what it needs to stay healthy?

Maybe it doesn't want to work so long, exercise 4 times a week and drink alcohol at the weekends? Maybe it has completely different needs from what you practice.

We are entering a time when it is becoming more and more important to communicate with our body for healing reasons.

"Talk to me. Listen to me and trust me when I tell you that I need rest. Do not tell yourself that you are lazy when I want to sleep through the day. If you listen to me, I can perform true miracles, because I am a miracle!

Do not constantly compare yourself with other bodies, because everyone is different, stands somewhere else and has different needs. Do not constantly instruct and worry each other. Maybe one person needs meat and even medicine, the other person can do without it. You always want to assign everything to a generality, but the diversity of your bodies is even more complex than the external image.

Another important point in the healing process is self-love. Learn to love your body again. A loved body is a healthy body. Especially many women still have problems with their body and find it difficult to accept it as it is. The reason for this is a long reduction and idealisation on your body. Keep working on solving this problem. Accept your individuality. Wear clothes that are comfortable and in which you feel good. Be loving to each other so that the distortion can dissolve.

The body is going through an enormous development. Parts lying fallow are are becoming activated. Be patient with yourself. Always ask your body what it needs right now. You are guaranteed to get an answer. It is only your path you have to trust."

Your body consciousness

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