Samba - joyful connection

A new trend is flooding our planet. The trend is called Samba - joyful connections. At its core it is about heart connections. What sounds so kitschy at first brings about a profound change in our society. We learned early on that relationships with people always involve a certain amount of calculation. If I am a well-behaved child, there is dessert when I am nice to my teacher, better grades, a little small talk with my boss, a promotion. Our relationships are often very much driven by reason. We can unlearn that now. It goes back to the heart. After all, what would a world with real heart relationships look like? What would it be like if we learned to connect authentically right from the start? If relationships were no longer based on the need for something, but rather on the sheer joy of being connected and having fun. What would happen to clients if we did not use manipulation, but made real connections? It feels like a world where we move from neediness to wholeness.

I have explored the true meaning of rich compared to the meaning of wealth. Rich comes from the old Dutch word rijk, which means powerful, and wealth comes from well-being. When we move away from the need to become rich and reconnect with ourselves and others, well-being and wholeness seems to be a natural outcome.

Heartfelt connections are so nurturing that we no longer crave consumption in a way we used to, which of course will shatter our realtionship torwards fast consumer goods and will be naturally replaced by sustainable goods with a strong connection to their makers.

Samba is a cheerful Latin dance with many hip movements. For me it represents the lower chakras of our body, the base - and the sacral chakra. Healthy lower chakras are important to feel connected to life and to be able to create the life you want and healthy relationships. These chakras long for healing through self-empowerment, compassion and kindness, which are some key factors for joyful relationships.

In this way the Samba trend marks a new way of living in our communities. During the second lockdown I see how many communities come together and help each other with unconventional solutions. For example, the " Fenster Auf" movement, where musicians play in the streets of their communities in front of windows to earn money during the lockdown. This brings a change from the old paradigms. The lone warrior is slowly dying out. We recognise that together we can achieve so much. Not only to survive during a pandemic, but also to create new, unseen solutions for our future.

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Lots of love Tanja

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