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I recently saw an interview with Gerald Hüther. He is a German neurobiologist and author. He said in his interview that when children cannot express their needs for a long period of time, they lose their lust for life. What he calls lust for life, I simply call joy.

His statement indicates why this JOY-Trend is so important right now.

We are experiencing a time when many people have been restricted from expressing and nurturing their needs.

But now an energy is flooding our world as a trend, which creates exactly what we see in the picture with this dandelion. The life in the picture will not be stopped from expressing itself, it will crack here and there until nature reclaims its rightful place.

It's almost like trying to stop the universe from unfolding.

One of my mantras is: the darkness always serves the light, or as other people describe it: life is never against us. These times of darkness bring out something in us, a deep desire for joy and it wants to burst open as an unstoppable force.

I have a deep feeling that once we remember our lust for life, we will never lose it again. As children we are very dependent on the obedience of an authority, but as adults we have the choice to say: We want JOY to stay.

From my personal experience, when death shows its grimace, it is often the case that first a state of shock sets in, then comes the moment when one is desperate and simply does not want to accept death as a possibility, then after a certain time one realises that one simply has no control and one begins to accept death and surrender. At that moment you realise that it was never about fighting death, but about consciously choosing life. I believe that this is exactly the threshold where the collective is at the moment.

So what does life need in order to develop fully again? It needs social contacts and exchange in analogue space.

Anyone who comes from Germany grew up with Peter Lustig. He was the main actor in a children's series called Löwenzahn. In this series, Peter Lustig lives in a circus wagon without a telephone or internet and discovers the world anew every day. How does he do that?

He always tries things out for himself first by experimenting, building, creating. If he doesn't know what to do, he talks to experts in the field to see for himself. Discovering for ourselves, in real life, in the analogue space, going out, asking questions and forming our own picture through experience, that is how life claims itself back.

How can creatives support this trend. It's very simple: express joy and live it! When we see and feel joy, it activates our inner children who are so curious to experience life in all its facets.

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